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(02/16/09) Mike's latest blog entry: Happy Birthday, Adam.

(11/08/03) Meredith's latest blog entry: my heart is better than your heart

9/30/03: Allison & John's wedding

6/1/03: Pictures from Jessica & Dan's wedding

2/26/03: Pictures from Christmas in London

7/31/02: Pictures from Gretchen & Tom's wedding in New Haven

7/21/02: Pictures from Peter & Laura's wedding in Ann Arbor

6/18/02: Minor updates to the local information page

4/2/02: Pictures from Cab Night IX

3/23/02: Random words from Mike

3/22/02: Meredith's Cab Night retrospective is posted.

3/18/02: Using new web authoring software. If something is broken, let us know and we'll get it fixed.

12/7/01: Links

11/25/01: Thanksgiving dinner photo album

11/8/01: Point Reyes photo album

11/6/01: Local area reviews

9/22/01: Pictures from Emily's graduation party (6/01) and the confirmation class retreat (6/00)

Site layout redesigned a bit

9/20/01: Pages related to the terrorist attack on America:

9/3/01: Trip journal from our Summer 2001 trip to Florida and Tennessee

8/27/01: Pictures from meriko & Russell's wedding

8/19/01: Trip journal from Meredith's Tonga trip

6/3/01: Pictures from 2001 Senior Class party

5/28/01: Pictures from Scott Lane Field Trip

3/25/01: PGP Public Keys for Mike & Meredith uploaded.

2/25/01: trip journal and pictures from our February 2001 vacation to Mendocino, CA

7/10/00: a trip journal and pictures from our Summer Vacation in 2000 to the Southwest.

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